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Coupon Transferability
Most coupons have some sort of non-transferability policy, i.e. "Void if transferred."  In other words, if you order coupons from Coupon Dede's, LLC, they will likely have language indicating they are no longer valid once they have transferred from Coupon Dede's, LLC to you.
  DO NOT HESITATE to contact us for clarification about this statement.  (Nothing is stamped onto the coupons)

Orders Lost in the mail:

If your order has not arrive when expected we are able to do some level of tracking even with First Class through IMB with Confirm. (Intelligent Mail Bar-coding - click here for details on this new service through  We can see where your order was last scanned.  If no scans have occurred then it has been lost in the mail and we will replace the order once a reasonable amount of time has passed to allow for normal fluctuation in delivery times and holiday delays.


Rest assured that we do everything we can to avoid delays:  1) We use professionally generated labels/envelopes. 2) We only use standard #10 business envelopes as they have the most streamline handling through USPS. 2) We have researched our refined our packaging methods - down to very specific details such as never using tape on envies as it cause them to get caught in the sorting machines but always using it with expedited services avoiding the same type of delays! 


We go to extraordinary lengths to provide unbeatable speed so you can get you order in time for that sale!

Combining Orders/Adding to an order already placed:

Orders are not editable once placed. 

We do not accept returns on coupon orders unless there is has been an error made on our part and the return is proposed by administration as a resolution.

We do pretty good the vast majority of the time but mistakes are inevitable when dealing with the numbers and large variety of coupons that we do in the unbeatable turn around time that you get when ordering from us!  If we have made a mistake on your order let us know right away so we can send replacements and/or issue store credit.  Please be aware that we do have pre-set policies in place in dealing with each situation and cannot in fairness to our other customers, spend excessive amounts of time negotiating.  99.9% of our customers find our mistake resolution policies to be better than industry standard.


Shopping Cart: 
Items are not reserved when put in shopping cart and will disappear if they go out of stock while you are shopping. This is VERY RARE - but it does happen - particularly with coupons that are in high demand.
Once coupons go out of stock they disappear from any carts they are in at the time.  For super hot coupons that can happen very quickly... while you are shopping!
In order for the more advanced features of our website to work, e.g. Email When Back-In-Stock requests, the ability to save cart contents for more than an few minutes, etc., our inventory is real time.  That means that quantity is only reduced on the site after an order is placed and paid for - not when it is simply put into a shopping cart. 
For most of our coupons our inventory is so substantial it doesn't really matter because it never goes out of stock.  For the super hot coupons, the ones that go out of stock within minutes, it can be a problem...  There are always people that have the coupon in their carts and the coupons disappears as soon as the last of them are ordered. 
Please watch the inventory and don't let this happen to you.  If a coupon is almost gone, please hurry before they disappear. 
Once they are out of stock, get on the email when back in stock list so that you will get an immediate notification as soon as another batch is clipped and added to the site!

Order Limits:

Many items have order limits.  Please respect the limits imposed.  Should you inadvertently or purposely exceed the limit, your order will be adjusted to fall within the limit and the payment will be issued as store credit.  We will only send partial orders if the remaining balance of the order exceeds our order minimum.  Any unneeded shipping is forfeited as often our envelopes/labels are printed before any adjustments are made.  Finally, any accrued MyReward points will be forfeited.

Please see FAQ's where you will find more policies and procedures by category. 

See also Company Info


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